11 Tips To Put The Spring Back In Your Step

When we feel down about ourselves it is because we are stuck on a negative or fearful thought. By shifting your focus, you shift the energy and start to remember the marvelous woman that you are. It’s physics! Here are 11 easy ways to feel good again.

1. Be embarrassingly scandalous in your choice of lingerie, just for you. Remember Mammy in Gone With The Wind? When she wore that red petticoat, she had a blush on her face and a swish in her walk. Red lingerie has its own magic.

2. Create an alter ego. Even superheroes don’t feel great all the time and they have to show up when called. So do you. On those days when you get to close to the kryptonite, pull out your superwoman outfit. Make yourself take a shower, do your hair and nails, dress up. You’ll feel instantly better.

3. Cover your roots! There is a hair coloring crayon at beauty supply stores that will disguise your roots between trips to the salon. One good one is by Roux ‘Tween Time” Instant Haircolor touch-up stick. No one will ever know your secret.

4. Plug your power leaks. Take the phone off the hook and give yourself 20 minutes to recharge. Read a trashy novel and fantasize about what you would do as the heroine. Keep an emergency basket ready with works that inspire you, tapes and music that are an instant hit with you. Even the golden oldies if it gets your feet moving.

5. Compliment Yourself. While none of us are good at everything, we are all good at something. Praise yourself for the best feature you have and pay attention. Do you have beautiful hands or feet? Polish your nails and show them off. Luscious Locks try a new hairstyle or put on a fake ponytail. Focus on something you do love about yourself.

6. Call in the emergency team. The sense of smell can shift your mood instantly. The smell of cinnamon rolls makes you instantly happy. Keep some instant apple cider mix and cinnamon sticks handy. Keep on the stove on a slow simmer if your don’t want the calories of the roles themselves.

7. Share Yourself. When life’s issues bog us down it’s a sign that we are too inwardly focused. Shift your attention to someone who needs your help. By giving of yourself to someone in need, you see your true beauty clearly.

8. Boost your serotonin level. Sometimes chocolate is just chocolate and a little bit does a whole lot of good. If you are prone to binges, look for a healthier alternative. There is a reason starchy foods are called comfort foods and your grandmother’s recipe for fried chicken and mashed potatoes can help in an emergency. Don’t overdo or you’ll feel guilty.

9. Surprise yourself. Send yourself flowers online or buy a gift at a store and have it sent to you with a time delay. You’ll forget about it and get 2 hits for the price of one. It will be fun when you place the order and fun when you get it.

10. Have a pity party. Set an egg timer for 3 minutes and whine away about everything bothering you. Exaggerate your emotions in front of a mirror and get the drama in it all. Give it up and Laugh, long and deep.

11. Tantalize your senses. Change your look. Try something exotic and play dress up with false eyelashes, dark eyes and flowing scarves. Do a striptease in your bedroom for yourself. Only music, cover the mirrors and feel your power as a woman surge forth.