Five Fitness Tips That Every Woman Should Know

Women, unlike men face specific issues when it comes to fitness. From muffin tops to bulging lower abdomens to back wings to flabby arms, women have various body issues that they need to battle out. This is why women and men have different fitness routines because they have different problems to address. So for the women out there, let me share to you some health tips that you should know and incorporate to your fitness routines.

1. Good pacing and consistency is the key. Don’t feel bad if you think you’re not doing enough. There may be times that your schedule won’t allow you to workout, don’t worry too much about that. What’s important is that you are committed and consistent to whatever fitness program you are into. Working out twice a week is fine as long as you do it regularly.

2. Take note of the goals that you’ve achieved. Focus on your fitness successes. If your goal is to lose weight, take note of how many pounds you lose, let’s say, in a week. Focus on what you’ve achieved and use that as a new starting point until you reach your target weight.

3. Don’t focus on just one type of exercise. Many women start their fitness routines with cardio exercises. While there is nothing wrong about that, it is best to mix up your routine from time to time. In one workout session make sure to have a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility exercises to get good results. This also prevents you from hitting a plateau so your workouts will always be effective.

4. Don’t overexercise. If you think that you’ll lose more weight if you workout for extended periods of time, then you’re wrong. Unknown to many, working out for hours won’t give any beneficial effect to your body. As a matter of fact, one hour at a time is enough to have an efficient workout. Exercising over extended periods of time can actually cause more harm to your body. It’ll just strain your muscles and cause extreme fatigue.

5. Keep an eye on your heart rate. Many women tend to overlook their heart rate when working out. Ideally, women should workout at 75 to 85 percent of their maximum heart rate. If your heart rate is too low, then it means you are not working to your full potential. High heart rate, on the other hand, means that you are pushing yourself to a dangerous level.